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The Residents’ Association is asking residents to provide help and support for those most in need in our community. The most vulnerable are those who have no family or friends who are able to help them out, and we need to identify them as soon as possible.

We are asking everyone who is able to check at least six houses on either side of them and identify those who are going to need support. If you can’t get an answer at a door then please let us know and don’t take it personally if you get a less than friendly response, stick with it, let them get to know you a little. People are more willing to accept help from a friendly face. Write out your name, phone number and offer of help and, ideally, give it to the person. Put it through the door if all else has failed and let us, or the Parish Council know that you think there is someone who may need help, giving the house number.  See the contact details below.

If you are able and willing to provide that support then please do so. If you are not then please contact us with the house number of the person you think will need help in the coming months.

It’s also a good idea to give your house phone number to those who may currently have support from family or friends in case that fails and alternative support is required. If possible, do not give a mobile number as it costs more to phone a mobile number from a landline and there will be some who don’t have a mobile.

It is a responsibility to take shopping and prescriptions to a vulnerable person so please take every precaution to make sure that you don’t pass on any infections.

It goes without saying that if you feel at all unwell then stay away and ask someone else to take over.

We are encouraging everyone to give what help they can and please, contact us about any situation that you don’t feel able to deal with yourself.

We will put updates on the website as and when necessary.


It’s time for us to pull together and we have no doubt that this is exactly what Earlswood and Forshaw Heath will do

Jenny Buckly


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