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Response to our open email to Adnan Saif, CRT’s West Midlands Director, today 25/06/2020

The PC/RA Working Party has just had a reply from Adnan to the open email that we sent earlier today and it contains some good news for a change:

In Adnan’s own words:

“The Trust has enlisted the services of a private security company to patrol the Lakes between 6pm and 12.00 mid-night each evening on a temporary basis, starting tonight.”

It will be interesting to see how this goes.  If the security firm does a good job, it should cut down ASB and, hopefully have a secondary influence in cutting down traffic issues and this should give a strong indication as to where the real source of the problems lies.

We would like to thank Adnan openly for this initiative as a first step to stamping out all the ASB and anti-social behaviour around the Lakes.

Would any residents who have been involved previously with these issues please report back to the Working Party through the Chair: and let us know how effective they think this initiative is being? If we could ask you to identify the issues that you’re commenting upon e.g. the Lakes, the causeway, drugs, traffic offences, etc that would also help.

Thanks, Ewen 25/06/2020

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