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Beware of telephone scams

Beware of Coronavirus Charity Scams

Many charities are coming together to support people affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, fraudsters are taking advantage of the pandemic by creating fake fundraising platforms and bogus crowdfunding, falsely claiming that donations will support research into a vaccine or help people who are ill or self-isolating. 

At this time of national emergency, The Charity Commission […]

Coronavirus Help & Advice Updated 31 March

This letter has been delivered to all households in Earlswood and Forshaw Heath. We hope you find it useful. It was updated on 31 March.


Cyber Crime Update

Due to COVID-19, students will be online a lot more often than before with school closures. Cyber Safe Warwickshire has compiled some internet safety and gaming advice sites and guidance for both students and parents.

There are also some Crime Prevention Advice Leaflets covering topics such as two-factor authentication, antivirus, backing up data, recovering […]

How to Avoid The Top 10 Scams

There are hundreds of ways villains can find to part the unsuspecting from their hard-earned cash, but these are some of their favourite and most lucrative scams that you need to be aware of:

A letter or email from a foreign bank or legal company saying that someone with the same surname as you, […]

Useful information on phone scams

Click on the links below to see some useful leaflets to help protect yourselves against phone scams:


Don’t be a victim of social engineering

Courier Fraud, Bogus Police and Bank Officials Alert – What you need to know

Individuals have been receiving phone calls from people claiming to be a police officer or banking officialThe suspect will say either:

There has been fraudulent activity at the victims’ bank and the staff at the bank are involved, the victim is then asked to withdraw money to either keep it safe or assist the […]

June Cyber Scam Update

In this month’s edition, we’re raising the awareness of a sextortion scam where fraudsters are continuing to send victims their own password in an attempt to trick them into believing they have been filmed on their computer. A fake talk talk email regarding refunds making the rounds, alongside Action Fraud revealing reports that show […]

April Cyber Scam update

In this month’s edition, read about a bogus Virgin Media phishing email scam, a Civilian Aviation Authority warning over fake Makkah deals. There is also information about the ABTA Cyber Attack in which saw 1,000 files accessed, potentially including personal information of individuals who made a complaint about an ABTA-registered travel agent and an ongoing […]