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Undesirable Activity in our Area

Dear residents, this is to update you on our current situation regarding undesirable activity in Malthouse Lane, the car park servicing the park, the Causeway and Valley Road.

We are supporting our residents fully and have been highlighting these issues for the last three months.

As is usual in the summer months  not only have visitor numbers increased but also anti social behaviour and drug use/dealing.

We asked and were given extra police patrols. These are ongoing along with plain clothes surveillance and a multi agency operation which is involved on the lakes.

The Anti Social Behaviour Team from Stratford District Council will also be working alongside the police, led by a Sgt. Thomas.

We are doing our best to monitor the situation and we ask that residents work with us.

For the most part the area is its usual sleepy self, there to enjoy. Should you see any suspicious activity, something you notice as strange then please do not approach but forward whatever details you have to the Police on 101[there is a 15pence charge for this!]. Contact the Parish Council or/and the Residents’ Association.

We hope that you can continue to enjoy the lakes and park in the precious summer months and that any problems are minimal and the actions underway do solve the issues.

Troublemakers hate having a lot of people around so let’s send them this message;

we’re all watching you”.   With all these eyes watching them they should get very uncomfortable and innocent visitors can get on with the business of enjoying themselves. The more “eyes” we have the more successful we’ll be.


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