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Some crime prevention tips for using cash points or ATMS

Before arriving at the ATM

•Have in mind the precise transactions you wish to conduct at the ATM to minimise your time at the machine

•If possible, have your ATM card in your hand on approach to the machine, rather than delve into the wallet or handbag either at the machine or whilst standing in a queue to use it

•Try to use ATMs that are located in busy public places and ones that are well lit after dark. Check to see if anyone is hanging around. Report any suspicious behaviour on 101.

Arriving at the ATM

•Don’t use ATMs that appear visually different from the norm, especially around the card slot. Have extra things be added onto the surfaces of the ATM? (Tell the bank about your suspicions immediately)

•If in the company of a friend or partner have them stand close to you at the ATM to help block views of the keypad

•Be aware of somebody sitting in a car near to the ATM and be very aware of the people standing behind you and off to the side that are close enough to see you input your PIN. If you are at all concerned about the people near you, walk away and come back later or use a different machine. Trust your instincts!

Using the ATM

•Don’t use your mobile phone during a transaction. Be totally focused on the matter in hand

•Try not to be distracted by incidents around you. Be suspicious of people talking to you and of people trying to assist you with your transactions, no matter how friendly they appear to be

•When inputting your PIN always stand up close to the ATM and cover the keypad with your other hand to stop your PIN being seen by people and cameras

•If you are withdrawing cash, place the cash and your card into your pocket or bag immediately and walk away. Don’t stand at the ATM counting it

After using the ATM

•As you walk away from the ATM continue to be aware of the people around you. Try to avoid walking up some poorly observed and quiet backstreet or alley

•If you think you are being followed walk into a shop, a pub, a restaurant or some other busy place

•When getting into your car lock the doors

•Check your bank statements regularly and report any unusual transactions to the bank immediately

•If you think your PIN has been seen or copied change it immediately. You can do this at nearly all ATMs

If you have any questions regarding the above please contact ALCESTER POLICE NORTH SAFER NEIGHBOURHOOD TEAM via the details below or the Warwickshire Police website.

Team email –

PC 427 Sue Blundell –

PCSO 6273 Aadila Hussain –

PCSO 6330 Sanjay Singh –

Team Sgt 542 Robert Shaw –

Alcester Police Office Phone Number – 01789 444816 (not to be used for emergencies or priority calls. Always report incidents on 101)

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