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Notes on phone meeting with the Police on 28 May

The RA was involved, along with the PC and others, in a phone meeting with Sergeant Eagles last Thursday afternoon. 

The RA sent a letter to the Police and Crime Commissioner a couple of hours before the meeting – see below – and, by the time that the meeting took place the main players in the police force and councils (county and district) were aware of its content and had reacted to it.  It is obvious that the police are taking this seriously and trying hard to work out how to deal with it.  We need to support them as far as possible.

Some of the points to come out of the meeting are:

  • The police admitted that they have been swamped and that it has become too big for them to handle now, bearing in mind that this is a small part of their whole patch;
  • They are now pulling in police support from other areas;
  • They are now pulling in traffic police support;
  • The Police and Crime Commissioner is aware of the issues;
  • The Chief constable is aware of the issues;
  • Everyone must report ASB issues to either 101 or 999 depending on the severity and urgency of the matter, otherwise it won’t be recorded in the statistics and the statistics are what the police use to allocate resources;
  • Nadhim Zahawi, our MP, has agreed to a meeting after lockdown ends;
  • A police “tactical, tasking and control group” is considering the current issues;
  • We also posed further questions/points from the RA to the police:
  • Can the Rural Crime Network help? – Sgt Eagles said that this was more of a lobbying organisation;
  • Were the Police aware that the area is attracting large groups of youths as it is being advertised as a venue for raves? Yes, they are looking into this;
  • Is a Public Space Protection Order a good option?  This is currently being looked in to, to see if it is an option.  This would need to be led by SDC; and
  • The RA is worried that vigilante groups could be formed if residents are unhappy. – This is being discussed by the  Chief Constable.
  • Subsequent to the meeting we have contacted sergeant Eagles to ask if he has considered measures contained in The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 (c.33) to help resolve ASB issues.  This act was passed in 1994 when raves were at their height and one of its main aims was to stop them in their tracks.

I apologise if some of you feel that we’re not supporting the area by making sufficiently strong representations but we are doing our best.  Please also remember that we are representing everyone, members and non-members alike, impartially at the moment. Please remember too that we are representing the community on other issues as well and trying to juggle our resources to the best of our abilities.

You can contact the RA through me at:

Ewen, chair E&FHRA

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