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Parish Council EGM on 4 August – statement from the Residents Association

We feel that the meeting was badly handled and it appeared that not all the councillors had reviewed the results of the 2nd survey prior to the meeting or understood its purpose.

In retrospect, we feel, that, in not asking for a recommendation from the Working Party (WP) in respect of the Causeway, the Parish Council (PC) has missed out on guidance from those more deeply involved;

It’s not clear to us that the correct result has been reached based upon the responses from both surveys (1st Survey 20% for total closure / 2ndSurvey 54% for temporary closure). However, that said,

  • If the earliest that the Causeway closure trial can be conducted is April 2021, the PC needs to address the current Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) issues as a matter of urgency now.
  • The PC must press ahead in researching and costing ANPR and CCTV cameras for the area.
  • The Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) should help but the PC must obtain a commitment from the enforcement authorities that it will be properly and fully enforced.
  • The PC should take County Cllr John Horner up on his offer of pushing for the causeway to become a clear way with immediate effect.

The PC should provide clear details of how ASB will be managed during the period before the introduction of the above-mentioned initiatives in the next PC Meeting,

Our understanding regarding the closing of the causeway is that it would be by installing barriers that can be opened and closed by emergency services and that pedestrian, and possibly cycle access would be maintained. This is helpful as, if the trial fails the test, the causeway can easily be reopened.  

The PC needs to set out, well in advance, clear objectives, that must be met in order to determine whether the causeway should be permanently closed or not.

If Parish Councillors are conducting their own researches, as stated last night, it would be useful if they would make their findings known to both the PC and the WP, to enable their incorporation into the WP plan.

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