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Crime & Fraud

Warwickshire Police
Keep in touch with what is happening in our area at

You can also register for the Community Messaging Service at This enables residents to select which area or areas they are interested in receiving crime information about and also how often they wish to receive this information by way of e-mail messages. You can choose  to receive messages as they are sent or daily or weekly. You can also select the message type and which localities interest you.  You may consider crimes committed  across the county boundary in Solihull just as relevant to you than those in North Warwickshire.

Rogue traders and scams
For more information about rogue traders and scams visit where you can also  sign up to an email alert system.

For advice on doorstep rogue traders visit the consumer advice web page.

Slamming is an extreme form of mis-selling when your telephone/broadband services are switched – or attempted to be switched – without your knowledge and/or consent. 

Often, the first you may know about it is when you receive a bill from a new company out of the blue. Slamming is unacceptable and Ofcom has introduced tough rules to clamp down on this problem.

For more information see
If you have been slammed you should :

  • Contact your current provider and get them to cancel the unwanted move.
  • If the service has already transferred, ask your original provider to transfer you back to them.
  • If you’re aware of the ‘new’ company involved and want to take the matter further, you should follow their official complaints procedure and make a complaint to Ofcom.

Call Blocking
Registering with the Telephone Preference Service,  can reduce the number of unwanted sales calls you receive. This is a free service and you can register at If you still have unwanted calls go to